1. Spreading information about all the aspects of Down syndrome including, their rights, health, early intervention, education, social care, employment, economic support etc…, through different information tools like: publishing on website, edition and publishing books, magazines, brochures, leaflets etc.
2. Organization of trainings, conferences and seminaries in order to inform and to update with the latest news about Down Syndrome.
3. Collaboration with specialists on the field and building cooperation bridges with many different organizations within and outside of Albania.



1. Organization of campaigns and different activities in order to inform and promote rights of individual with DS.
2. Promotion of March 21st , World Down Syndrome Day according the guides of United Nations, which observe this day officially since 2012.
3. October month- it is considered as a month of awareness about Down syndrome. The promotion of this month is made by different activities dedicated to children and adults with Down syndrome, which main core is the awareness for the right to be equal and active part of the society and for the potential of individuals with Down Syndrome.



1. Lobby and advocacy for the rights of children and adults with DS, basing on Human Rights Convention and Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
2. Development of a forum for individuals with DS, their parents and other groups of interest, where they can meet and share their experiences.
3. Development of a database for individuals with DS in a national range.
4. Establishment of institutional relations with organizations, foundations, public and private institutions within and outside the country, maternities, orphanages, nurseries, kindergartens, schools, municipalities, mini-municipalities, ministries, employers etc…, to provide collaboration and support in order to provide inclusiveness and enhancement of lives for individuals with DS in Albania.



1. Organization and provision of physical, developmental, occupational, speech & language and music therapy etc… for children with DS.
2. Organization and provision of trainings and therapies for individuals with DS above 14 years old, in order to prepare them for an independent life.
3. Employment and trainings of specialists for: physical therapy, developmental therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy etc.
4. Trainings and orientation for caregivers, doctors, teachers, psychologists, therapists, social workers etc.
5. Trainings for parents or for caregivers of individuals with DS, to help children in physical, developmental and speech therapy.
6. Arrangement of different courses of entertainment and educational entertainment in fields of art and sport.
7. Update of methods and knowledge, taken from different organizations and research centers, about the DS regarding the fields of development, of research and of education about the individuals with DS.
8. Fundraisings, donations acceptance, hereditary, different financial tools; all registered in financial book, without any intention of benefit but used in accordance with the organization objectives and the goal of improvement of living for individuals with DS.